Anzeige auf Englisch Beispiele

Anzeige auf Englisch Beispiele

Anzeige auf Englisch Muster und Beispiele

Anzeige Beispiel 1

Anzeige über das Ausgehen ins Theater

Saturday evening – it is 17th November, in London Odeon Theatre there will be shown a great William Shakespeare’s drama: „ROMEO AND JULIET” directed by John Stuart. The play starts at 6 p.m.
CAST: Juliet – Nicole Kidman
Romeo – Leonardo DiCaprio
TICKET PRICE: 11 pounds – student discount included
Everybody who may be interested in seeing the play is asked to contact Mark Williams (or call 888-888-888).

Anzeige Beispiel 2

Anzeige über das Suchen einer Mitbewohnerin

I’m looking for a female student who will rent a flat with me, because I don’t have enough money to pay the whole rent by myself.
It’s located at Portobello high street ETH5HL in Edynburg. I’m looking for someone who is talkative and not older than 25 years old.
She needs to be able to keep the flat clean and not make too much noise.
It’s only £300 (pounds) a month so it’s really affordable.
For more information please call me at this number 223-881-704.

Anzeige Beispiel 3

Anzeige über ein verlorenes Buch

Hello everybody!!!

Yesterday I lost my book about history. It was very important for me and I hope that someone has found it.
It is very thick (about 800 pages) and black. The title is “History of the Europe”. I promise a reward for the finder.
You can call me. My phone number is 666-666-666.
Thank you for your help!


Anzeige Beispiel 4

Anzeige über eine Halloween – Party:


On Thursday, October 31st in
Club Dark Town
26th Gothic Street
Prizes for the fanciest dress!
What we’re looking for is originality, creativity and scariness!
For free invitations call Leyna at 864 735 764

Anzeige Beispiel 5

Anzeige über das Suchen eines Spanischkurses

Dear Sir,

I’m looking for a Spanish language conversation and prononciation course in Berlin. If there are any native Spanish teachers who organize such types of courses, please give me a call under the following number: 06 77 33 57 56. I’m ready to pay up to 100 Euro monthly and would be interesed in starting the classes immediately.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards

Anzeige Beispiel 6

Anzeige über Arbeitssuche

I am 18 years old student and I am looking for a part-time job.
It doesn?t have to be well-paid, but I expect more than $2 per hour.
For me, the most appropriate hours to work are between 2-10 pm, when I am not in college.
I have adequate qualifications to be a barmaid, including a few waitress courses.
Call me at this number 885-323-791

Anzeige Beispiel 7

Anzeige über eine verlorene Sache


Yesterday, on March 17th at 6PM I left my cell phone at a local McDonald’s restaurant
It was a silver, small flip phone
Finder will be rewarded with $20
Contact me at

Anzeige Beispiel 8

Anzeige über einen gefundenen Hund


Two days ago (2nd September, Monday) I found a small terrier. It has black, curly fur, long, sagged ears, a very short tail and two brown patches: on the front, left leg and on the back. The dog was running in the local park and looked like lost. He was quite cold then, but now he is ok.

The owner can phone me (555-555-555) every day after 6:00 PM


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Einladung auf Englisch

Einladung auf Englisch Beispiele

Notiz auf Englisch

Notiz auf Englisch Beispiele

Postkarte auf Englisch

Postkarte auf Englisch Beispiele


Anzeige Beispiel 9

Anzeige über ein Wettbewerb

We are organizing a great competition of knowledge about London.
If you take part in our course and know anything about this beautiful city, you are invited to participate in our contest. You can win prizes like English books or films.
The competition will take place in room 11 in our school on Friday at 2PM.
The great guest is the most famous historian of London, John Garden.

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