Lebenslauf (CV) auf Englisch Beispiele

Lebenslauf (CV) auf Englisch Beispiele

Ein CV auf Englisch unterscheidet sich nicht wesentlich vom CV auf Deutsch. Einige Regeln bleiben unverändert und man sollte sich daran halten. Obwohl sich unser CV von CVs unserer Konkurrenz unterscheiden soll, sollten wir seine Form und die Reihenfolge der einzelnen Teilen nicht ändern. Auf dieser Seite findet ihr Beispiele von CVs auf Englisch für verschiedene Berufe, die euch helfen, euren eigenen Lebenslauf auf Englisch zu verfassen.

Beispiele von CVs auf Englisch:

Lebenslauf auf Englisch Beispiel 1– Konstrukteur

Personal data:

Name: Klaus Blender
Date of birth: 15.11.1979
Home address
Street: St.-Johann-Straße 34
City: Berlin
Postal code: 10405
Phone number: 0351 646 54 54
Email address: example@gmail.com
Education and qualifications:

2002-2007 Berlin University Of Technology
1998-2002 High school in Berlin (class with math-physics profile)

Work experience:
2007 to present Designer in private office
Qualifications and Additional Skills:

Foreign languages:
English – fluent. Passed FCE exam on B2 level
Chineese – beginner

Driving licence – category B, since the year 2005

Other: Proficiency in computer programs: Microsoft Office, Autodesk AutoCAD

Hobbies: fishing, reading books


References available on request.

Lebenslauf auf Englisch Beispiel 2 – Koch

Personal data:

Full Name: Paul Schmidt
Date of birth: 11.02.1988
Present address: Bautzner Straße 112, Dresden
Postal code: 01099
Phone number: 0351 646 54 54
Email address: example@gmail.com
Education and qualifications:

2008 – 2013 Culinary school in Dresden

2004 – 2008 High school in Dresden
Work experience:

2010 – 2013 culinary apprenticeship in a restaurant in Dresden

performed daily activities of a chef assistant
worked collaboratively in a restaurant
acquired skills in cooking and assisting chefs

Qualifications and Additional Skills:

Foreign language proficiency:

English – intermediate

French – beginner

Driving licence ( category B )

Other: Culinary training ( I and II degree ), Microsoft Office literate

Hobbies: fishing, cooking

References available on request

Lebenslauf auf Englisch Beispiel 3 – Fahrer

Personal information:

Name: Sven Groβ
Date of birth: 03.06.1984
Address: Berliner Str. 89,  60311 Frankfurt am Main
Nationality: Deutsch
Marital status: single

E-mail address: example@gmail.com

Phone number: 069 95196436

2002 – 2005 5th High School in Frankfurt
Foreign languages:

English – beginner

Russian – intermediate
Work experience:

2006 to present driver in Taxi Frankfurt corporation

Qualifications and skills

Driving license – categories B, B1, C, C1

Familiar with all types of in-car equipment, including bus, taxi, and van

Toyota professional driver training certificate
Personal traits:

able to foresee events in a timely manner
getting along with people well
quick in decision-making


driving, music, travelling, motorsport

References available on request.


Lebenslauf auf Englisch Beispiel 4 – Krankenschwester

Personal details

Full name: Eva Müller

Date of birth: 15.07.1982

Current home address: Aachener Straße, Berlin

Postal code: 10713

Phone number: 030 81 72 23 02

E-mail address: example@gmail.com

Nationality: Deutsch
Education and qualifications

2005 – 2008 Nurse training at The University Hospital in Berlin

2001 – 2005 Medical University of Berlin

1997 – 2001 3rd High school in Berlin
Work experience

2008 to present Nurse at The University Hospital in Berlin
Additional skills

Computer literate – Microsoft Office suite

Driving license – category B


English – fluent
Spanish– intermediate
Russian – beginner
French – intermediate


reading books, attending theatre performances, listening to classical music
Personal traits

keen to help people
able to work in solitude as well as in a team


References available upon request.

Lebenslauf auf Englisch Beispiel 5 – Babysitter

Personal information and contact details:

Name: Luiza Müller
Date of birth: 13.12.1990
Address: Türkenstraße 43, München
Postal code: 80799
Phone number: 089 272 0699
E-mail address: example@gmail.com
Education and qualifications:

2009 – 2014 Academy of Special Education in München

2006 – 2009 High school in München (linguistic profile)
Work experience:

2012 – 2014 Kindergarten apprenticeship
Qualifications and additional skills:

Children care and support certificate

Foreign languages:

English – fluent (C1 proficiency certificate)

Spanish – intermediate

French– beginner

Driving license – category B

Microsoft Office suite

Linux, Mac OS, Windows environments

Hobbies: music, children, books, movies

References available on request.


Lebenslauf auf Englisch Beispiel 6 – Marketingleiter

Name and surname: David Klein
Date of birth: 11/05/1983
Address: Hochstraße 34, 81669 München
E-mail: david.klein@gmail.com
01.10.2002 – 30.06.2007: School of Economics in München – Master’s Degree of Economics
13.06.2013 – present: Regional Sales Representative – company …., München
After-sales customer service
Providing trainings for customers
Offering and sale of products from the company portfolio
Implementation of sales plans
Advisory services concerning the use of products
09.2007 – 05.2013: Sales Representative – … company, München
Acquiring new customers interested in the services offered by the company
Building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers
Conducting trade negotiations
Participation in trade fairs
Creating a positive image of the company among customers in the subordinated area
Implementation of sales plans
Submitting daily/weekly reports
„Effective Communication” Course
„Customer Value Management” Course
„Effective Sales Techniques” Conference
English – Advanced
Russian – Basic
Computer skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Mathcad
Driving license B category
Traits of character: responsibility, punctuality, stress resilience, communication skills
Interests and hobbies: golf, fitness, reading books

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