E-Mails auf Englisch Beispiele

E-Mails auf Englisch Beispiele

Die E-Mail ist grundsätzlich dem formellen oder informellen Brief gleich, deshalb kann man sie als elektronische Version des Briefes bezeichnen. Die Regeln des Schreibens und die Form sind den Briefen ähnlich, die Unterschiede betreffen nur den gebrauchten Wortschatz. Auf dieser Seite findet ihr Beispiele von E-Mails auf Englisch, die euch als Muster dienen können.

E-Mail auf Englisch Beispiel 1

E-Mail an eine Freundin

You want to visit the Paris Fashion Show and your pen friend Danielle, who lives in Paris, has agreed to put you up in her flat. Write an email and ask her about the show and the train timetable. Use 200-250 words.

Dear Danielle,

Thanks for the advertisement you sent me about the Fashion Show. I think it will be a fantastic event and I want to be there, but before I come to Paris I need to know a little more about train timetables and the show. Could you give me more information?
I’m trying to decide which train to take. I think the best option is to take the last one from Berlin, but it doesn’t arrive in Paris until about ten o’clock. Will that be OK, or is it too late for you?
I’ve never been to a fashion show before. I’ve never been to Paris, either, so I need your advice. What kind of clothes do you think I should wear? And what’s the weather like at the moment? Is it warm or rather cold? Do I need to bring some warm clothes? What about rain? What are the weather forecasts? Do they say it is going to rain within the next 2 days or not? I don’t know if I am able to pack into my bag, it isn’t too big. Maybe I will take 2 of them.
By the way, what shall we do on Sunday? How about going for a walk in the park, or going on a river cruise? Or maybe you’ve got some other, better ideas? Tell me if something comes to your mind.
Anyway, I can’t wait to see you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Answer me as soon as it’s possible.

E-Mail auf Englisch Beispiel 2

E-Mail an einen Freund

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your e mail I received a week ago. I’m sorry that I didn’t reply to your letter sooner, but I’m spending my time now in a summer house where Internet connection is very weak.
Anyway, it’s a great place to relax and take a break after a hard year in our school.
I don’t watch TV here nor do I use a mobile phone or a computer, so I have much more time than on my hands than I do usually. I feel healthier and I’m tanned. I swim a lot in a local lake, ride a bike and play football with local people. I’ve made many new friends.
I wish you were here. Would you like to come along the next year? I bet you’ll be satisfied.
Answer me.
Bye, Patrick

E-Mail auf Englisch Beispiel 3

E-Mail an einen Freund

Du hast geplant, deinen Freund in London zu besuchen. Eine Woche vor der Reise sind deine Dokumente gestohlen worden und du kannst ins Ausland nicht fahren. Schreib eine E-Mail an den Freund, in dem du:
– ihn über die Situation informierst und dich für Änderung der Pläne entschuldigst,
– erzählst, wie es dazu kam und wie du dich verhalten hast,
– sagst, wer sie dir geholfen hat und wie du für die Hilfe gedankt hast,
– fragst, ob du zu einem anderen Termin kommen kannst und auf ein baldiges Treffen hoffst.

Hi Mark!
I know that I made you a promise that I’d be in London next week but unfortunately, a week ago, when I was skiing in Slovakia, my passport and all other documents got stolen. In this situation I won’t be able to come to London. I’ve already been in the passport office. My friend works there and he promised to help me get a new passport as soon as possible. I promised to bring him some nice souvenirs from London in return. I hope it won’t be a problem for you if I come in two week’s time. I’m really sorry for this situation. I hope to see you soon.
Don’t be mad at me.


E-Mail auf Englisch


Informeller Brief auf Englisch

Informelle Briefe auf Englisch Beispiele

Formeller Brief auf Englisch

Formelle Briefe auf Englisch Beispiele


E-Mail auf Englisch Beispiel 4

E-Mail an eine Freundin:

Schreib eine E-Mail an deine Freundin aus England, in der du:
– sie benachrichtigst, dass du dich mit ihr nicht treffen kannst und den Grund erklärst,
– über deine Pläne für nächste Woche erzählst und sie beschreibst,
– das Treffen zu einem anderen Termin vorschlägst,
– sie fragst, welcher Termin ihr passt und um ihre Meinung bittest.

Hi Kate,

Kind and inviting as your suggestion is, I regret that I have to decline it this time. Right now, I’ve got a couple of extra things going on at work as well as outside it.
I do think it would be a very nice idea to get together, but it’s almost impossible for me to do so during the week, because even our regular weekday evenings and Saturdays are busy with a bunch of activities: English classes, homework, volleyball, ballet and cheerleading training.
Would a Sunday be convenient for you? We can go to the park or museum – it’s up to you to decide. Let me know if you have a better idea! And if a Sunday is not convenient, then how about Monday? I will have some free time after 6PM. Please let me know what you think about it.


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