Beschreibung der Person auf Englisch

Beschreibung der Person auf Englisch

Die Personenbeschreibung auf Englisch ist die am häufigsten gebrauchte Art der Beschreibung. Unten findet ihr Anweisungen der Personenbeschreibung auf Englisch, nützliche Wendungen und beispielhafte Beschreibungen eines Freundes auf Englisch.

Elemente, die die Beschreibung auf Englisch bilden

1. Einleitung – grundlegende Informationen, die die beschriebene Person betreffen zusammen mit der Information, woher wir sie kennen, eventuell  wie  man auf die Idee gekommen ist, diese Person zu beschreiben.

John has been my best friend for almost 10 years. We met in primary school. I moved to a new place and I didn’t know anyone. It was John who helped me to adapt to the new situation.

2. Entwicklung – in der Entwicklung beginnen wir mit der richtigen Beschreibung des Aussehens und des Charakters. Wir berücksichtigen auch spezifische Elemente.

a) Das Aussehen der Person  – Körperbau, Größe, Pose, Beschreibung des Gesichts, Augen- und Haarfarbe, Frisur, besondere Kennzeichen, Kleidungsweise.

John is very tall, he is, more or less, 185 cm tall and he is quite slim. He looks like an athlete. He has short brown hair and big blue eyes. He also has many freckles on his face.

 b) 2. Abschnitt – Charaktereigensschaften, Beispiele der Verhaltensweise, Hobby und andere wichtige Informationen

John is really friendly and nice. He always helps me when I am in trouble. He likes to meet new people, I think that is why he is a member of the students council and he organises school parties. He works very hard to make our school a better place. He is also interested in football. His favourite team is FC Barcelona.

3. Abschluss – Zusammenfassung und die Gefühle des Autors gegenüber der beschriebenen Person.

All in all, John is my best friend and I really cannot imagine having a better one.  I can always rely on him and he can always count on me as well.

Nützliche Wendungen


We have known each other since… – Wir kennen uns seit…

He/She is 17. – Er/sie ist 17 Jahre alt.

He is a teenager. – Er ist ein Teenager.

He/She is/comes from … – Er/Sie ist/kommt aus…

Merkmale des Aussehens

He/She is … – Er/sie ist …

attractive – attraktiv

unattractive – unattraktiv

good-looking – gut aussehend

gorgeous -wunderschön

beautiful – schön

pretty – hübsch

handsome – gut aussehend

plain – durchschnittlich

ugly – hässlich

Pose und Körperbau

muscular – muskulös

well-built – gut gebaut

fit – sportlich

gaunt/skinny – abgemagert

thin – dünn

slender – schlank

slim – schlank

fat – dick

plump – rundlich

obese – fettleibig, übergewichtig

overweight – übergewichtig, zu dick

round-shouldered – krumm

small – klein

short – niedrig

rather short – eher niedrig

medium height – durchschnittlicher Größe

quite tall – ziemlich hoch

tall – hoch

huge – riesig

Das Aussehen des Gesichtes

He/She has … – Er/sie hat …

He/She wears glasses. – Er/sie trägt eine Brille.

Gesicht und Gesichtsfarbe

complexion – Gesichtsfarbe

clean – sauberes

dark – dunkles

fair – helles

healthy – gesundes

pale – bleiches

tanned – gebräuntes

face – das Gesicht

chubby – molliges

clean-shaven – glatt rasiertes

freckled – sommersprossiges

wrinkled – faltiges

long – langes

oval – ovales

round – rundes

square – viereckiges

triangular – dreieckiges


eyes – Augen

brown – braune

green – grüne

hazel – Bieraugen/Haselaugen

black – schwarze

blue – blaue

bright – glänzende

big – große


nose – Nase

aquiline – Adlernase

bent – gebogene

crooked – schiefe

flat – abgeflachte

hooked – gehakte

pointed – spitze

snub/upturned – nach oben gewandte


red – rote

pink – rosa

full – volle


hair – die Haare

bald – kahl

beard – der Bart

moustache – der Schnurrbart

short – kurze

medium-length – mittlerer Länge

long – lange

blond – blonde

blonde – die Blondine

brunette – die Brunette

dark – dunkle

dark-haired man – der Kastanie

dark-haired woman – die Kastanie

bushy – üppige

curly – lockige

wavy – gewellte

straight – glatte


He/She likes to wear … – Er/sie trägt gerne …

He/She usually wears … – Er/sie trägt meistens …

clothes – Kleidungsstücke

baggy – lockere

well-fitting – angepasste

bright – helle

dark – dunkle

colorful – bunte


Körperteile auf Englisch

Eigenschaften des Äußeres auf Englisch

Kleidung auf Englisch

Charaktereigenschaften auf Englisch

Die Beschreibung des Bildes auf Englisch



He/She is interested in sports/ books/ travelling/ science – Er/sie interessiert sich für Sport/Bücher/ Reisen/ Wissenschaft

ambitious – ehrgeizig

carefree – sorglos

clever – flink

quiet – still

patient – geduldig

impatient – ungeduldig

well-behaved – gut erzogen

mature – mündig

precise – sorgfältig

altruist – altruistisch

talkative – gesprächig

reliable – vertrauenswürdig

polite – höflich

intelligent – intelligent

loving – liebend

communicative – kommunikativ

creative – kreativ

lazy – faul

loyal – treu

wise – weise

kind – nett

shy – schüchtern

responsible – verantwortlich

brave – mutig

calm – ruhig

optimistic – optimistisch

self-confident – zuversichtlich

helpful – hilfsbereit

friendly – freundlich

punctual – punktuell

cheerful – fröhlich

talkative – gesprächig

reasonable – vernünftig

sentimental – sentimental

modest – bescheiden

funny – lustig

relaxed – entspannt

laid back – ungezwungen

happy – glücklich

sociable – gesellig

stubborn – stur

kind -höflich

cheerful – fröhlich

sensitive – empfindlich


Beschreibung eines Freundes auf Englisch 1. Beispiel

My friend, Martin, is 2 years older than me. We met at the playground 7 years ago. Our mums are best friends so it is nice that we like each other too. We love to play computer games together.

Martin is surprisingly short for his age. He is around 165 cm tall. He has green eyes and he wears glasses. His hair is dark and very curly. I always laugh that he looks like someone who has just woken up. He likes to wear black clothes, especially black t-shirts with the names of his favourite music bands.

I think Martin is a unique person. He is very modest and he never asks for help because he does not want to trouble me with his problems. He is also very smart, he always has the best test results in school. He likes to listen to heavy metal, his favourite band is Iron Maiden. He is interested in politics and biology. His biggest dream is to become a zoologist because he loves animals. He has a dog and two cats.

To sum up, I really like Martin because he is the nicest person I know and I am happy that our mums get along so well.


Beschreibung eines Freundes auf Englisch 2. Beispiel

John is one of my best friends. I first met him in 2005, at a party that was hosted by another friend of mine.

John is a tall, well-built man with short, curly black hair, long, straight nose, and dimples in his cheeks.

He wears loose clothes, including baggy pants, oversized shirts and sport shoes. His main interests are music, martial arts, sports, and people in general.

John is a hardworking person, and his personality traits let me believe he would never turn down any of my questions if I found myself in need.

In conclusion, John is a friendly person I could rely on whatever the circumstances.

Beschreibung einer Freundin auf Englisch 1. Beispiel

I have a friend, Sarah, whom I met at my boyfriend’s birthday party a year ago. We see each other twice a week at karate class. She is 18 years old.

Sarah is a tall and well-built girl. She is very strong and fit because she has been practising karate and football for over 5 years. She has long, wavy, dark hair and dark brown eyes. She is also very tanned. She looks like a Spanish girl but I am a hundred percent sure she is English.

Sarah is a little bit shy, she never talks a lot. I guess she prefers to listens. She is very nice and polite. I do not know her that well yet but I find her very likable. To the best of my knowledge, Sara is interested in British poetry and animals. Her favourite poet is Thomas Hardy. She really loves dogs, she has three German shepherds. In the future, Sarah would like to establish a kennel to help dogs that are in need. Apart from that, she would like to give karate lessons.

All in all, Sarah is a nice girl. She is very sympathetic and kind. I hope to get to know her better.


Beschreibung einer Freundin auf Englisch 3. Beispiel

Helen has been a friend of mine for a decade now. We have known each other since kindergarten and stayed close friends ever since.

She is a short girl with fair hair and green eyes. She is of medium build; I would not call her thin, but it would be an exaggeration to consider her plump.

She likes to dress in stylish clothes – predominantly jeans trousers and nice tailored shirts. Her outfit is completed by high-heels that make her look taller than she actually is.

Her personality is one of a kind. Helen is extremely friendly and will always support others when they are in need or some kind of trouble. Thanks to that, she has made many friends that I am happy to be one of. The only aspect I would applaud her if she managed to change would be her attitude towards herself. She will often criticise herself, even if she did not do anything wrong.

To sum up everything about Helen, she is a perfect friend to have. She is pretty, has a great personality and style, but has a disadvantage that still needs to be eliminated.